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Tourism, it's boom on the Riviera. The secret: "New people and the third age is coming back."

Tourism, it's boom on the Riviera. The secret: "New people and the third age is coming back."

Riccione, July 4, 2021 - The pandemic can also be an opportunity especially if one of the effects is sold out beaches. "So many people are choosing our Riviera Romagnola and it's shaping up to be a very good summer with lots of requests for reservations. In several areas of the coastline it will be impossible to find umbrellas in August." Diego Casadei is the regional president of the Oasi lifeguard union and president of the Riccione Lifeguard Cooperative. In recent days the cooperatives on the Romagna coast have met to take stock of booking trends, and the picture that has emerged is one to print a smile on lifeguards' faces.

Casadei, have you already occupied all the umbrellas?
"Reservations and requests are many, and this is happening across the board on the Romagna Riviera. We are talking about estimates, because the accounts will be done at the end, but it looks like a good season and a good August."

Are there lifeguards who have had to close reservations?
"Yes, obviously this does not happen everywhere, but there are areas where this has already happened for the middle part of the season, even here in Riccione."

In Cattolica, lifeguards plan to halt all-inclusive packages with hotels given the volume of requests.
"It's happening. Especially in August we will have many areas sold out."

Are we back to pre-pandemic beach attendance?
"It's going to be a good summer, but it's hard to make comparisons because we have to take into account that due to the effect of spacing, the number of shadows has decreased. We could say that on average we have -15 percent, but the figure is variable depending on the size and characteristics of the establishments that are on the Riviera."

What are the reasons for the sell-out?
"In addition to the smaller number of shadows there has been the important return in terms of numbers of third age social tourism. In the past we used to see them in June and September, this year it is concentrated in the middle part of the summer, and this increases employment."

They waited for the second vaccination before leaving...
"It's a season that suffers the effects of the pandemic."

Like the difficulty in crossing European borders?
"Also. There were Italians who preferred to go abroad in the summer and instead decided to spend it here. Others who chose locations in different parts of the country and instead booked on the Riviera. This is also an important opportunity for us to demonstrate the level of services we have achieved. We have become known for hospitality; today we can show what we can do. Despite the uncertainties we are experiencing regarding the future of state concessions, many lifeguards continue to invest."

It will be a great summer, but what about prices?
"If we refer to those offered by the establishments, we are in line with previous years. In some cases there may be adjustments in areas of influx that have been most affected by the shadow cut. But we are talking about competitive rates. In general, the Romagna Riviera is competitive on prices against services."

Domestic tourism good, but the foreigners' rebus remains.
"Where there are limitations such as the non-recognition of the Sputnik vaccine for Russians, there may be problems."

Il capo dei bagnini di Riccione Diego Casadei: “Si prospetta una buona stagione, daremo il meglio” ” Tanti italiani che preferivano la vacanza in un Paese estero, quest’anno scelgono noi”
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