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We are a close-knit, efficient team with different skills but all with one goal: to create technologies to improve the quality of listening to guided tours, offering tailored solutions to our clients
TS-Mobile Box
The world's most advanced system for interactive, multimedia guided tours
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Exploring the most famous cities and places has never been so much fun
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The guided tour is just a smartphone away
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The best digital guided tour system globally
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Tourism & Cruises
We offer various solutions to the travel and tourism sector thanks to our logistics and a network of partners throughout Europe we are able to reach any destination.

Whether it is for a full-day, walking, biking, or multi-day vacation, our devices guarantee excellent reception quality and durability. For cruise lines, we also give the option of receiving tour kits directly on board, and with dedicated operators.
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DMC & Airports
Over the years we have built up a network of contacts with major business players. Many of our sound systems are firmly embedded in the local realities of Italy's major information uffici.

For clients departing or arriving at the airport, we have the ability to deliver ready-to-use tour kits directly, with dedicated operators on site, or through proprietary hubs at major Italian airports.
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Exhibitions & Museums
This is the mission of the museum sector, and to do this the customer must be able to immerse himself in a world where he can come into direct contact with what he sees and what is explained. This can only happen through one magic: silence.

We are able to provide this experience through the use of our devices that allow groups to move freely while savoring the beauty that the guide is illustrating thanks to the excellent quality of sound and transmission.

Great artists need to connect with those who admire them, We make that connection possible.
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Factory & MICE
More and more companies are organizing events related to conventions, fiere, congresses, or factory tours, and of course this involves numerous people in the same location.

Therefore, there is a need for a system that is user-friendly and can make logistics less complex, not to mention the very high costs for other much less powerful and bulky systems. That is why we have been actively cooperating with the corporate and MICE sector for years now.

Based on the customer's need, the material is prepared and sent where required ready for use with the support of specialized personnel. Our sound systems can be found in the largest Italian and international companies.
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School & University
Creativity is innate in every human being, and stimulating it is the main task of the teacher.

Tour Sound create ever-new resources to help teachers in their task. We make every day's work easier with devices designed to create a more flexible and dynamic learning environment, customized to everyone's needs.

A guided tour, an educational lab, a digital lesson, are the perfect opportunities to challenge ourselves. Turn on our devices and explore new ways of learning.
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For institutions we have a special purchasing program with proposals and solutions for all needs at a special price, In addition, our products can be purchased through MEPA.
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