Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions?

How can I book a service for a day visit?

Day service can be booked by sending an e-mail to or through the form in the contact section

Will I also have to pay for the microphone transmitter for the guide and stock radio guides?

The rental rate is calculated on the receivers only . The transmitter(s) for the guide and a possible receiver for the companion and spare radio guides are included and free of charge.

How can they book an out-of-port or long rent service?

You can make reservations by sending an e-mail to or by filling out the form in the contact section.

For long rent services we have special discounted rates!

How many freebies are granted?

Free n.1 pax per group or n.1 pax for every 50pax.
For school groups, teacher gratuities are 1 pax for every 15 pupils.

How can I make a last minute reservation?

You can make reservations by contacting us by phone at +39 or +39 345.92.30.778

How can I cancel a reservation?

You can cancel a reservation by sending an email to

What are the delivery and pickup arrangements for daily services?

The service includes delivery and pickup of the radio guides, subject to availability by Tour Sound® at the site of the visit or where requested by the client. One of our representatives will be present at the pre-arranged time and place and will distribute them to the group members or hand them over to the guide or chaperone.

The same will happen at the end of the tour: our representative will be present at the appointed place and time and will collect the devices rented by the customer.

If I cancel a reservation will there be penalties?

All cancellations must be reported with the following timelines to avoid penalty fees:
Daily service within 48 hours of service
Long rent service within 72 hours of service

What are the delivery and pickup arrangements for long rent services?

The Tour Sound® kit is delivered by DHL express courier to the location requested by the Client (Agency, Hotel, Restaurant, Airport) and picked up at the end of the tour.

Inside the shipping box will be a waybill for the return of the kit; please affix it to the package so that it can be picked up, by the DHL courier, at the end of the rental period.

It will always be the responsibility of Tour Sound® to provide all logistical communications with the DHL courier company.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank transfer and electronic payment cards.

What does the Tour Sound® kit contain?

The radioguide kit consists of receivers, transmitter(s) and disposable earphones for all participants plus related supplies.

They are contained in a small carrying case and/or backpack; usb cables and powerbanks are added for long rent services to recharge the radios.

In case of loss or damage to one of your devices what are the penalties?

receiver damage/loss €100.00 +iva22%
damage/loss transmitter €120.00 +vat22%
damage/loss 3.5 mm jack microphone €35.00 +vat22%
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