About Us

About Us
Tour Sound

Il Gruppo Tour Sound

We are an affiatate, efficient team, with different skills but all with one goal: to create technologies to improve the listening quality of guided tours, offrending tailored solutions to our clients.
It is certainly no coincidence then that we are located in the heart of the "Italian Silicon Valley," Emilia-Romagna's advanced technology and industrial automation cluster that bases its leadership on research and innovation.
Our leadership position is the result of significant investment in research and development, constant and constructive dialogue with end users in our target industries, and our group's ability to change, meeting customer needs with the goal of conquering new markets.
We are the best in our field
We invest so many resources in research and development every year.
We create cutting-edge devices and are always one step ahead of the competition.
Our numbers speak for themselves
In just a few years we have become the industry benchmark for northern Italy, and we do this with state-of-the-art equipment without using outdated solutions to amateur equipment.
Our customers are important, all of them
We create tailor-made solutions for our clients, we do not have standard rates but try to find the most suitable solution at the best price, for everyone.
Logistics is our bread and butter.
We are experts in logistics, and with top-notch partners we are able to reach any location in a very short time. Put us to the test!
Tour Sound

Enviromental Program

Truly innovative products are the ones that change the world.
How we design them. How we build them. How we recycle them.

Our products stand for innovation not only because of what they can do but also because of how they are built and designed. Unlike others, we take back at fine tour all used earphones and then dispose of them through a 98.7 percent recycling process.

We give new life to what has been used, respecting our planet.
This is also technology.
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